「Environment created with light」
-Proposal of a lighting environment rich in creativity-

Light is the one and only existence that connects people, towns, and society and measures harmony.
We visualize the value creation that is created there with light,
Create an attractive light environment.

Lighting guidelines (design code) and master plan

Creation of design codes and master plans to be shared for night landscapes in regional revitalization and development projects

Lighting design code to be shared to enhance the effect of light that utilizes all the assets of the region
And create a master plan that can share the image of the ideal that the design should aim for.

Design Planning

Total lighting design including concept work, basic design, implementation design, and design supervision.

Product Design

Design of lighting fixtures related to product planning, such as product planning of highly versatile lighting fixtures, custom lighting that enhances the uniqueness of each project, and monument lighting that is a symbol of space and landscape.

Lighting Promotion

Environmental production and seasonal light event design to attract "people", create "whereabouts", and increase various added values that continue to keep track of "time".


Proposals and advice for planning and strategies using light for promotion of regions, companies, and products.